About Us

Our History

It all started in 1992 in a small warehouse in Koplik area. Mr. Likaj, with his agricultures experience coming from the communism period of transition, began collecting herbs and spices and hired some skill workers so to process products manually, hand-made with simple sieves. The success came in 1995 when the company started its first exports to France, Germany and Turkey. In 2000, the company invested in all its processing units, integrating modern machineries, new facilities and developed a better processing system so to increase efficiency.

In 2009 Relikaj focused its committed in human recourses, creating a young and well dedicated staff with global sales ambition. The big change in the business performance happened in 2016, when the company made a huge investment in all its divisions.

What we do

We are a processor of herbs and spices specialized in food ingredients. Our commitment is to give end to end solution in one location: farming, processing and packaging. The management team is very much focused on traceability and high quality raw material so we have implemented Rainforest Alliance standards and CropIn farming digital management system. Unlike the multi-origin blends coming from different suppliers, Relikaj offer herbs that are freshly packed at origin and therefore rich in flavour and natural goodness.

Our Vision

We are herbs growers having a big dream, to bring Albanian ingredients, freshly processed and packed at source, to consumers and food lovers all over the world. We have the advantage to provide our customers the highest quality flavor products, 100% traceable, ‘picked, processed and packed’ at single origin.

Our People

The company is as good as the people employed. We have a dedicated team, passionate about Relikaj’ vision and eager to make customers happy. Mixing experienced professionals of agriculture processing with talented and young people full of dreams and empowered to do their job, is Relikaj’s vision of teamwork and success. There are 52 employees working full time and around 135 employees and more than 400 farmers working for the company in high peak season.

Our Development

With our modern new facility we offer enormous services for the food industry, preparing ingredients and culinary herbs adapted to specific requirements in each case. The company has designed and set up a processing line by offering complete end-end solution in one location.

Facilities – Based on the latest investment, Relikaj now has around 80,000 square feet of build up spaces, including raw material collection centres, processing plants, storage warehouse, farmers training facilities, quality certification labs and product show rooms.

New Processing Lines – Relikaj has been moving forward by setting a state of the art finishing facility which has pre-cleaning, grinding, blending and packaging capabilities to process final product. The new line has an innovative process flow and is fully automated. Our lab facilities comprise modern equipment with fresh and skilful researchers. Relying on different quality assessments and certificates, the facility has all the necessary Food Safety and Sustainability requirements based on BRC standards.

Effective Forward Linkages - Transportation network and easy of export connected to all key borders. The plant is located 5 km from the cultivating areas, 110 km from the airport, 25 km from Montenegro border and 115 km from the main export port of Durres.